Pustaka Tamil ebooks in Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle eReader !!!

A small device weighing 205g, holds thousand of ebooks, weeks of battery, touch screen and many more...

I saw this device around 5 years back (device was launched in 2007) when I went to US and I used to think that it will take many years to read a Tamil book in Kindle. Surprisingly I have been proved wrong and I am glad about that.

Amazon started supporting 5 Indian languages including Tamil on 1st December, 2016

Pustaka eBooks in Kindle

- We started interacting with Amazon Kindle team on the release of Tamil eBooks around 8 months back.

- It was an amazing journey with Amazon Kindle team who were very supportive and guided us on the whole process.

- When we first saw the book in Kindle device, we felt extremely happy that we are part of an exciting moment in taking an ancient language like Tamil to a modern device like Kindle.

- This is definitely one of the greatest milestones for Pustaka and now we are reaching out to millions of people around the world.

- Pustaka had published 600+ Tamil ebooks in Amazon to start with and all the remaining books will be published in Amazon Kindle Store. Pustaka will continuously publish the ebooks as and when new books are launched in Pustaka.

- The reading experience in Kindle like device is unbelievable. It is light weight and you can carry all 600+ books in a single device.

- Click the below image to visit Amazon Kindle stores and displays all books published by Pustaka:

Join us on supporting Tamil language to take it to the next generation!!!

- Dr. Rajesh Devadas, Ph.D., PMP, CTO & Director, Pustaka Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.,

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  • Rukmani Ramkumar
    100 days ago

    I have kindle e-reader. I have subscribed for pustaka e-books. Can I download these books in kindle and read

  • Chakrapani
    451 days ago

    I have written 3 novels in tamil. Amazon wants it in latha Tamil font but it is in baamini font.where can I get latha.do.u.acept novels

  • Pon Kulendiren
    893 days ago

    There are issues in loading Tamil books in Aamzon.com. It is good that Pustka eBooks in Tamil are available in Aamzon.com

  • Pon Kulendiren
    1072 days ago

    Great leap by Pustaka. I tried my first Tamil book Netrikann (Third eye) in KDP. I did the formating myself with pictures. I have to reloaded it few times and was I had the experience.successful. I had the experience if loading English books. it can be loaded as doc or docx file.

  • Pon Kulendiren
    1189 days ago

    I have published several eBooks in English through KDP. I made a request to publish Tamil eBooks through KDP. I am happy to see that it has materialized.

  • Kaviyogi vedham
    1222 days ago

    Can yu pl. contact yur Amezon store and get me early a TAMIL_E book called an autobiography of a yogi written by Pramahamsa yogananda..(kaviyogi)

  • ??.????????????
    1271 days ago

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