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Author: Lakshminarayana K

Language: All

Genre: Social

Type: Novel


Print Length: 232 Pages

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  • D K S Bhat
    6 days ago

    I bought this a and started reading and coveted about 3 chapters.The books makes you to continue to read.It is a beautiful 'sangam' of fiction and reality.Definitely a good buy.

  • Subhash
    7 days ago

    The book is a wonderful fictional account of the real-world incidents involving India's ongoing fight against Coronavirus. The author has provided a realistic and balanced view that will educate the readers on a variety of topics around this subject, including the distress caused by the virus, as well as the merits and demerits of the government's response. It is easy to read and informative. Highly recommended reading!

  • Arjun
    7 days ago

    Good book & very elaborate

About Book

My e-book under the title ‘India, Defeat Corona’, is a fictional novel. It is aimed at kindling hope and confidence among my readers. We have to draw inspiration from the popular adage that ‘every

crisis is an opportunity.’ We all have to learn to live with the virus. Simple methods like ‘social distancing, frequent washing of hands using soap and wearing of masks’ can help us in keeping the virus at bay, to a large extent. Our scientists all over the world are burning their midnight oil in finding a suitable vaccine to contain this pandemic, which seems a possibility by the end of this year.

We can’t halt the progress of our economy, just for the fear of one tiny virus. It’s a question of ‘lives Vs livelihood’. Stoppage of economic activities can be more disastrous than the pandemic itself! Thanks to our ‘corona warriors,’ who are working hard to contain the pandemic. Let’s salute our farmers, workers, technocrats, bankmen, businessmen and others, who are daring to go ahead, ignoring the threats of the disease. In fact, what can help us in defeating Covid-19, is our ‘Positive Mental Attitude.’ I am sure that we will win this war of ‘pandemic Vs people.’

About Author

Lakshminarayana K, has started as a banker and has served all over the country. Since the year 1993, he has distinguished himself as a full time faculty in the Bank Training Institutions. He is a specialist

in imparting ‘soft skills training’ to all age groups. After retiring as a Bank trainer during 6th Jan 2020, he has taken up writing, full time.

His blogs under the title ‘’, on a variety of topics. His blogs are well read by a large number of his friends.

His Kannada book titled ‘Rajanna Mattomme Hutti Baa’, released during 2008 was well received.

He stays in Bengaluru with his wife Smt. Anasuya. He has a daughter and a son.

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