Turn Your Kids Into Einsteins Under 5
Turn Your Kids Into Einsteins Under 5 - English eBook

Turn Your Kids Into Einsteins Under 5

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Author: Raghavan Sampathkumar

Language: All

Genre: Children

Type: Articles

ISBN: 9789352859580

Print Length: 87 Pages

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  • Balaji Parasuraman
    870 days ago

    GREAT...Raghavan. My Hearty Wishes. Intha punitha payanam innumoru sarithiram.

  • Shekhar Doddagoudra
    1154 days ago

    Raghavan, congratulations...wishing you to author many more in future!

  • Narayan Bhat
    1156 days ago

    I know Raghavan personally and he is amazing person. His observation is very critical and gives convincing ability is extraordinary

  • VT Shankar
    1157 days ago

    Congrats RAGHAVAN... Way to go...

  • Vetrivelan V
    1160 days ago

    I can assure this book will be a good one even before reading since I know the another

About Author

Raghavan "Ragha" Sampathkumar hails from a small rural town in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Born in an ordinary middle-class orthodox family, he reluctantly admits to being a self-moulded personality

with a mix of conservative and contemporary thinking. He also gratefully acknowledges the role of his family as his greatest support and source of encouragement. Equally, he admits with humility that he draws inspiration from every person he meets. Having studied in Tamil medium of instruction up to his grade 12, he struggled with English and failed in campus interviews because he could not form a complete sentence in English. But he did and continues to work on improving his vocabulary and communication skills as a life-long learner. Living life like a river is what he believes in and follows too. To him a fulfilling life is the one to have as many (of course, good) stories as possible to tell his grandchildren. As an Obsessive Compulsive Optimist (OCO), he appreciates the challenges in his life that made him tough and resilient; pitfalls in his path that remind him to be grateful; and moments of humiliation and disappointment that help him learn and keep his feet firmly on the ground.

Despite having bred in the treadmill like education system, his quest for freedom and learning for life constantly pushed him to seek more beyond text books. Probably that is why he has never been (in fact never aspired to be) the top student in the class and never stooped too low either. He was happy to be one among the 'Mediocre-Middle'. He is an omnivorous reader and it is his passion for creative writing that constantly drives him to read more of diverse subjects including science, philosophy, history etc to present his ideas in an interesting manner. In his blogs, he writes on a wide range of subjects from spirituality, politics, business, humour, short stories and also his failures and funniest personal experiences.

As a graduate in Agribusiness, he spent more than a decade working in the Corporate world. He regularly speaks at various educational institutes, delivers guest lectures and mentors young students. While this book is his maiden attempt, he is currently working on poetic presentation of Ramayana, one of the greatest Hindu epics, in his own style in Tamil.

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