Pustaka - How it works

In simple steps:

     1. Login to Pustaka
     2. Browse our eBooks, Audio Books and eMagazines section to buy/rent book
     3. Pay through CCAvenue / PayU Money / Mobikwik (Within India) and Paypal (Outside India)
     4. Read your purchased eBooks online or offline (through Android app) from your Bookshelf. Listen to your audio books in Android app.

In more detailed steps:

1. Register yourself with Pustaka by clicking "Login" link at the top of page as shown in the below picture (highlighted for your convenience)


Then you will see a screen with 2 tabs and one link - Login, Register and Forget Password as shown below


Click on "Register" tab, followed by Enter your Name, Email Id, Password, Confirm Password and "Register Now" will create a user. You can then login with Email Id and Password.

2. Browse eBooks/eMagazines section

Depending on your interest, you can browse eBooks for fiction/non-fiction book or eMagazines for Magazines. Click the links eBooks or eMagazines link from the top navigation bar as highlighted below.


Then, you will see a page where we display "All" eBooks based on the language you have selected. If you wish to change the language, you can do so by changing the language at the top.

Once you select eBooks, you will see a page displaying all the eBooks we have showing "Fresh Arrivals" at the top as shown below

You will also see "Filtered By" on the left as shown below which helps you to narrow down the eBooks you wish to read.

You will see two options "Rent Now" and "Buy Now" for each book. Conceptually, both are similar to printed book world - buying a book vs lending library.

       (i)"Buy Now" is same as purchasing a book and that book is available for you to read at any time.
      (ii)"Rent Now" is similar to lending library, where the book is available for you for 30 days (for Book Lovers Plan)/ 45 days (for Busy Bees Plan) to read and then the book disappears from your Bookshelf. You have to purchase a plan before using this option. Read more about Plans here.

You can buy/rent one or more eBooks you wish to read to your shopping cart.

3. Pay through CCAvenue (Within India) and Paypal (Outside India)

Once you have the list of eBooks you wish to read in the shopping cart, pay through your preferred method. Currently we support CCAvenue for users within India and Paypal for users outside India. In turn, CCAvenue supports all Credit cards, Debit cards, NetBanking, Cash Card, Mobile Payments and different Wallet systems like Paytm, Mobikwik and Jana Cash.

For users living outside of India, Paypal is the only method currently.

Pustaka also has Wallet system to support purchasing short stories, individual articles etc. Learn more about Wallet system .

4. Read your purchased eBooks online or offline (through Android app) from your Bookshelf

After your successful purchase, all your eBooks are available in your "Bookshelf".

Reading books from Pustaka website - You will see your "Bookshelf" as below once you click on the above icon.

Click on the appropriate tab - Purchased Books, Rented Books, Audio Books, Free Books or Magazines and you will see the list of books which falls in that respective category. Simply click on the eBook and the eBook will open in another tab for you to read as shown below.

You can zoom/turn page/jump to particular page etc in this window.

If you wish to read your eBooks anytime, anywhere then install "Pustaka" app from Google Play Store on your android device. You can then read your eBooks from your app directly. Learn more about Android App from here .

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