Cancel / Refund Policy

Cancellation of subscription at any point of time is allowed. We refund the amount on pro-rated basis. For ex., you have bought 3 months subscription (Rs.150) which allows you to read 10 books within 3 months. We will refund based on the number of months/number of books you have used (whichever is lesser refund amount). For ex.
     a. If you have read 2 books in 1 month, then we will refund Rs.100 (as Rs.50/month) to your account
     b. If you have read 8 books in 1 month, then we will refund Rs. 30 (as Rs.15/book) to your account.

Send a mail to cancelsubscription@pustaka.co.in and we will respond to your mail within 3 working days with the refund amount. Will refund the same on confirmation.

Cancellation of Purchased books has to be informed to us through mail (admin@pustak.a.co.in) within 2 hours of purchase. We will refund the money after reducing internet charges. If not, then cancellation of purchased books is not allowed.


We have got the copyrights from authors to publish ebooks. We do not have any illegal books in our website.

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