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If you are an avid Tamil book reader, then you have reached the right place!!! We have published 800+ Tamil books written by 80+ famous Tamil authors. We are adding 100 new Tamil books every month. Read your favourite novels across genres like Family, Detective, Super-natural thrillers, Social, Children and many more. Our collection of Tamil books includes few rarest collection of books written in 1950s.

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28 %

Thiruvallikeniyum Tirupatiyum

Author: Jyothirllata Girija


Tamil eBook :: Thiruvallikeniyum Tirupatiyum
26 %

Aagayam Mannil Varum!

Author: Anuradha Ramanan


Tamil eBook :: Aagayam Mannil Varum!
27 %

Pattikkattu Krishnan

Author: Yandamoori Veerendranath


Tamil eBook :: Pattikkattu Krishnan
22 %

Enthanuyir Kaadhalaney!

Author: Vidhya Subramaniam


Tamil eBook :: Enthanuyir Kaadhalaney!

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