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Adding Magazines to our portfolio

We are extremely happy with the progress we have made so far. Its exactly 6 months since we launched ebooks, we are now adding magazines to our portfolio. When we started meeting authors for books, we were surprised to see the number of literary magazines available in Tamil and most of these magazines were run by leading Tamil authors. Great author Vikiraman is running a magazine - Ilakkia Peedam, monthly magazine and similarly Kalaimamani Poet Ponnadiyaan is running Mullai Charam, monthly magazine. Both of them are very supportive to this idea and they are happy to give those magazines for us. We are very honoured to have such literary magazines in our portfolio and make it available for Tamil book readers globally.

Ilakkia Peedam is available only for subscribers and not even available in stands and they are entering into 19th year. Similarly Mullai Charam is entering into 45th year and Mr.Ponnadiyaan is running this magazine with great passion. We are proud to have both these magazines in our portal. We also have very attractive subscription plan (6 issues and 12 issues) for these magazines.

We will be increasing such magazines in Tamil soon. We are working very actively to add magazines for other languages also.

Happy Reading!!!

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