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Arunaa Nandhini Tamil author

Arunaa Nandhini (அருணா நந்தினி)

About the Author

Arunaa Nandhini is a Tamil novelist. Her 1st short story Madhumati was published in the magazine Devi and her 1st novel was Nazhai Vaanilla published in Rani Muthu. She has written nearly 50 short stories that have been published in Amuthasurabi, Mangai Malar, Rani, Devi, Savi and Nandhini. She has been awarded the Kurunovel Award by 'Kalai Magal and the Mini Thodar Award by the publisher Devi. One of her short stories was accepted and included in the Singapore Syllabus during the 1990s. Arunaa Nandhini's novels are published by Arunodhayam and Arivalayam Publications. Her novels cover family subjects, romance, reality, with some humor added for the readers to enjoy at their leisure. Most of her novels convey good messages for her readers.


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