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Dhivakar Venkataraman Tamil author

Dhivakar Venkataraman (திவாகர் வெங்கடராமன்)

About the Author

Dhivakar Venkataraman is the author of thirteen Tamil books, including seven historic novels. All have remained bestsellers since their release. His first book - Vamsadhara (2004) has brought him many awards and accolades. one of his wonderful creations Thirumalai Thirudan has been very well received by his fans. His latest book 'Haridasan Enum Naam' has hit the market and is available at all major book stores across India.

Dhivakar has been writing hundreds of articles on various subjects and blogging in many websites. He has received awards from Tamil Heritage Foundation, and citations have been used in Hindustan Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, and Kovai Muththamizh Arangam. His works are being published as course work in Erode college, Tamil Nadu.

His books can be found in many major international libraries including British National Library, Singapore National Library etc.


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