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The Author is a practicing Advocate well versed in her field. She had started writing at the young age of 10. She started with stories of once upon a time and used to send it to Tinkle and at the age of 16 she wrote full pledged novels which got published in Telugu magazines and became very famous. It is now after settling down in her profession that she decided to get her novels printed. The Author who when she was small had little or no encouragement. Like all other children she was very fond of Nov 14th and like all other children loved to dress up and take part in plays,competitions in school and loved the way Parents showed such interest in their children and encouraged them and also loved watching doordarshan programs of kids dressing up on that day but unfortunately she was looked down upon by her parents. They never showed interest in her and called her always a good for nothing and her brother as most talented even though he was not that greatly talented. She loved to dance but could not dance because of leg problem when small and because all used to make fun of her including her parents. She could not raise up her voice and sing because she was a very shy and scared. So at the age of 10 she felt a strong urge to write stories. She used to start with “Once upon a time..” and used to make her brother listen to it and he used to give her 5Rupees for it and other kids of her age used to love to listen to her stories. Then she started sending to Tinkle and at the age of 16 she started writing novels to Telugu magazines where some would get accepted, some rejected. Since her writings are so captivating drawing the attention of the readers in sheer suspense they had become a great hit. After joining college of law and on reading its subjects she used to get moved by the social causes it raised. She was moved with tears as to the society’s social evils. You see many of those social causes reflected in her novels. The Author writes deep rooted love stories which are very much realistic and close to everyday life and so are the causes advocated by her. On reading her novel we do find placing ourselves in some place or the other. The Author is not only a writer but a poet too.

eBooks by Meenakshi

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