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Niveditha Praveen is born in south India. She is an author, blogger and a professional. She is managing a software company which deals in digital and print publishing. Niveditha has spent the last few years reading and writing novellas giving her stories palpable spark!

Niveditha Praveen lives in Mumbai with her family. She has explored living across different Indian cities like Goa, Mangalore and Pune for her career. Her personal interests are blogging, sketching, listening to Breakbeat music and self-learning new technologies.

She is agnostic when it comes to God or religion and tries to find answers of all the myths that are surviving for centuries. She believes in breaking down the psychological barriers that limit and weaken the human spirit. She is a lifelong nerd to crime thrillers, romance fictions and business shows.

“Life Is Too Short" is her first independently published book.

“Live Yet Another Day” is her latest traditionally published book.

eBooks by Niveditha Praveen

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Niveditha Praveen
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Niveditha Praveen