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Sabitha Joseph Tamil author

Sabitha Joseph (சபீதாஜோசப் )

About the Author

Sabitha Joseph started his career as a journalist in 1989. He has worked in various famous magazines like Kumudham, Kungumam, Rani and Kalki. He has consolidated his 20 years of experience and written various books as series of 100s like 'Periyar 100', 'Anna 100', 'Kamarajar 100' and many more.

He is now writing another series of books as 'Mahatma Manavarkalukku Sonnathu', 'Abdul Kalaam Manavarkalukku Sonnathu' and so on. All these books are written to encourage young generation to aim big and achieve their goals.

His writings are very simple and conveys message to society and young generation and we are very happy to publish his books.


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