Subramanya Selva
(சுப்ரமண்ய செல்வா)

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2Self Improvement
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About the Author

The author, Subramanya Selva is a multi-faceted personality. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he is also a life coach, motivational speaker/writer, blogger and a youtuber. Subramanya Selva strongly believes that is writings and speeches can bring about positive transformation in fellow human beings. Through his social media postings and motivational articles, he has been imparting self-belief among his readers. His earlier book, a collection of his poems, too consisted of predominantly motivational and inspirational poems.

Audio Books by Subramanya Selva

Ennam Enna Seyyum? - Audio Book
Subramanya Selva

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Subramanya Selva
Ennam Enna Seyyum?
Subramanya Selva