Thangam Moorthy
(தங்கம் மூர்த்தி)

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Thangam Moorthy is a famous Tamil Scholar who hails from Subramaniapuram, Aranthangi, Pudukkottai district. He has risen to great heights, in spite of hailing from ahumble village background. After his graduation from Rajah’s college, Pudukkottai, hestudied further to complete two post graduations, one in English literature and the other inEducation. He is an educationist by nature and unlike other educationists, an excellent exponent of contemporary Tamil literature. He is a poet by nature and an extempore orator. His critical evaluation of education and solutions to his and other such evaluations, has earned him a name in the field of education. Not surprisingly, he was recognized and awarded the Best Teacher award by the Honorable President of India in 2013. His efforts were lauded far earlier by the Government of Tamilnadu when they concurred on him the Dr. Radhakrishnan award for best teacher in 2009. His intrinsic knowledge of Tamil was acknowledged when he was made a member of the Sahithya Academy, National Academy of Letters, Advisory Board for Tamil Language.

As an able administrator, his administration is filled with love and understanding, He has helped many poor students pursue their studies and The Hindu published an article of his benevolence when he helped a poor laborer’s son pursue medical studies by donating Rs. 25,000/- and helping him further in his studies. He is a syndicate member of Bharathidasan University and the secretary of Paventhar Bharathidasan Literary Association of Tamilnadu. He also hold the key post of the president in Tamilnadu Frontier Writers Association of Tamilnadu. He is the First choice of many colleges and universities for their functions and has delivered many lectures and participated seminars in almost all recognized universities.

His appetite to write is tremendous and has authored and published several books of Tamil Poetry and contemporary literature. When the Tamil poetry was taken by storm by the Haiku’s in the mid 90’s , Thangam Moorthy was no patient observer and published his first book on Haiku Poetry in 1994 titled “Mudalil Pootha Roja”, which was a collection of his poetry, the Haiku Style. He went on to publish his Tamil poetry as “Thangam Moorthy Kavithaigal” in 2004 and many more books of poetry and prose. He was the honored representative of Tamilnadu in a National level meet of Poets. He received several awards and was titled the “Poet of Public”, “Best Man of Poetry”. His selected poems are prescribed in the syllabus of Madurai Kamarajar University, Madurai, the seat of Tamil Sangam and Manonmaniam University, Tirunelveli.

Thangam Moorthy rose to international fame when was invited to participate and write about the king maker of Singapore Li Quan Yu’s on his 90th birthday by Association of Singapore Tamil Writers. He has travelled to many countries including Malaysia and Seychelles. He is always invited for promotion of Tamil and Tamil literature. He represented India at an International Tamil Conference at Singapore.

Thangam moorthy has been invited by literally all the south Indian TV channels for participation in various programmes. One highlight in his career was when the Department of Kannada Culture, Banglore, promoting Kannada culture and literature invited Thangam Moorthy for participation and honored him. He is always a regular feature of Kaviarangams, Patti Manrams and Vazhakkadu Manrams, the contemporary platform to express and nurture Tamil literature growth.

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