Vidya Kannada author

Vidya (ವಿದ್ಯಾ ಮುರಳಿ)

About the Author

Vidya Srikantan (Vidya Murali), born and educated in Mysore, has always been interested in writing and painting. Her articles and travelogues have been published in many popular Tamil and English periodicals. She is now an avid travel blogger. Being passionate about children’s literature, she loves retelling stories, legends and folklores heard in her childhood from older relatives and acquaintances, for children of modern generation. She also illustrates her works herself. She has co –authored books for children in Kannada with her sister Chitra. The stunning illustrations and the book cover of the Historical Novel “ Keerthinidhi Kesari Singha “ created by Vidya have won great appreciation. Presently settled in Bangalore with her husband Murali, she spends her spare time reading, writing, traveling and blogging.