Launching English Books in Pustaka!!

English Books Launch!!!

We started Pustaka with the aim of bringing all regional content online as ebooks, so that it is available for global readers. We are proud that we did brought in very rare collection of ebooks in regional langauges like Tamil and Kannada. 70% of our titles are exclusive to Pustaka, which means that you will not get those books anywhere else. We are also very proud that we have authors at various fame level - starting from an author who has written just one book to author who has written hundreds of books. Our aim is to bring all kinds of content to the digital world. We have already published more than 1000 books across Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam.

Another unique factor about Pustaka is we have subscription plans which allows user to explore various books written by different authors without worrying about the cost of book. We brought in this model to encourage users to read more books. We have so many many plans in the future which will encourage users to read more books.

One of the important characteristic of 'being in business' means, 'adapting to changes' or 'evolve your business according to market needs'. After publishing books in digital version for past 18 months, we are receiving lots of requests from our customers to add English books in our portal. Basically, we wanted to make Pustaka as the platform to portray their works to the world... So, here you go - We have English Books NOW!!!

We are launching with a small collection across various genres like Social Novel, Children Play, Historical etc. But, we have great writings like translation of Sivakamiyin Sabatham, Jayakanthan novels, Thirukkural on Managment etc. And, we assure you we will be bringing in lot more English books in upcoming months. Explore our English section and you will be tempted to read all the books.

We will continue doing the awesome work of bringing more and unique ebooks for you!!!

- Founders of Pustaka

Happy Reading!!!