Beyond The Frontier

Vidya Subramaniam


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About Beyond The Frontier

The short story is considered to be a beautiful form of literature. It can, like a flash of lightning, scan deep inside the human heart within a fraction of a second. It hides in itself deep and intimate feelings like the powerful under - current hidden in a river. It gives me immense pleasure to present these stories which are the written form of various significant experiences and moments of insight in my life. Most of the stories in this collection have received prizes and honours.

I would like to record my thanks to the translator, Mrs. Rama Srinivasan, with whom I established an instant rapport at our first meeting. It was a meeting of two minds and I am happy that she has recreated my stories in English, once more with feeling. I am most grateful to Mr. V. Irai Anbu, I.A.S, who in spite of his busy schedule willingly consented to and found the time to write the foreword to this book. Last but definitely not the least, my sincere thanks are due to the Sivasakthi National Book Publication who showed interest in an English translation of my works and brought out this first venture of ours.

About Vidya Subramaniam:

Vidhya Subramaniam born in 1957. She was introduced in Mangaiyar Malar through a story Mudhal Konal in 1982. She has written more than 100 short stories and novels. She has got lots of rewards in her 27 years of career. Rewards like Anandhachari Arakattalai Virudhu for her essay Thennang Kaatru, Tamilnadu government award for her Vanathil Oru Maan short stories, Bharat State Bank's first prize for her Aagayam Arugil Varum essays, Kovai Lilly Deivasigamani Virudhu for her Kanniley Anbirunthal short stories. Beyond the Frontier has her outstanding short stories which are translated to english. Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction also has her 2 short stories.

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