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Deva Puja Paddhati (Deva Puja Paddhati)

About Deva Puja Paddhati :

English educated persons, who have not studied either Sanskrit or any Regional Language, have expressed interest to the author to learn our ancient tradition of performing Deva Puja during various interactions. In this background, an attempt has been made to bring out the process of performing Deva Puja, in E-Book format, in English to help such people. English Transliteration has been provided to the original Sanskrit text. Slokas in Devan agari script and transliteration in English go hand in hand in this book.

About H.S.Keshavamoorthy :

This is the profile of Yogacharya, has achieved these awards, 01. Yogacharya, 02. YogaRanta, 03. Patanjali Maharshi, 04. Karmayogi from Bangalore Citizens, 05. Tirukasri from Davangere Citizens and 4 awards from UDUPA Matts and one from Balekudru Mutt, Momentous from P U College, Kemmannu at their Golden Jublee Celebration. He published 11 books on Yoga and 4 DVD.

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