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Happy Home (Happy Home)

About Happy Home :

I started this book during the lockdown period of COVID-19 when my mother suggested that I try my hand at translating a Tamil book. When I was a kid, my mother had introduced me to several children’s stories in English and Tamil. The reading habit that was infused into me during my childhood has stayed on with me till this day. So, when an opportunity came for me to translate a children’s book, I had no second thoughts. I believe that stories not only inculcate good morals in the minds of children but also boost up their creative thinking and language skills. The original book being in Tamil, this English version would benefit not only the children of our country, but across the world.

While school books help build knowledge in children, it is the story books that help enrich their moral behaviour and expand their horizons. In this book, you will come across many interesting characters in the form of sixteen short stories that will make you admire and learn from them. I hope you travel and live with these characters, and enjoy your time reading this book.

With love
Vignesh. S

About Vignesh S :

I’m an engineering graduate with an enormous interest for reading and writing. A huge sports lover, I have freelanced as a sports column writer in the popular ‘Gokulam’ English magazine. When ideas pop up in my mind, I put them into words on Quora and WordPress. ‘Happy Home’ is my English translation of the Tamil story book ‘Mallikavin Veedu’.

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