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How Camera Works (How Camera Works)

About How Camera Works :


That’s the most familiar sound a modern man would recognize and smile at.

No, No. We are not talking about the computer ‘click’s here. Many years before computers came into existence, people used to click on their cameras.

From ancient days, humankind has come a long way to reach the modern world today. This exciting journey was filled with many innovations which changed our lives.

From day 1, Camera was a super hit product. Everyone wanted to own a camera, or at least wanted to pose for a photograph. As they capture so many memories, photos are treasured in every family, even today.

According to a very famous saying, a picture is worth 1000 words. Instead of describing the beauty of a temple, or a hill station, you can show few pictures and people will get an idea immediately.

Photography has taken this art from kings and rich people to commoners. Today anybody can own a camera and click all around. Those pictures can be printed easily and shared with everyone.

In short, Camera is changing our world as much as Fire and wheel did many years back. Cameras not only look cool, but the technology behind is also fascinating. Get ready for this unparalleled journey!

About N. Chokkan :

Nagasubramanian Chokkanathan (born January 17) better known by his pen name N.Chokkan is a Tamil Writer who has written two novels and nearly 100 short stories. His works has been translated into other Indian languages. Apart from this, he has written columns in several Tamil magazines. His interest for writing came from his blind aunt for whom he used to read a lot of books. His love for Books then made him to write few detective stories,which are not yet published.His first short story was published in 1997. His entry into Non-fiction area was kick started by a publishing house approaching him to write Biography of Sachin Tendulkar.He then wrote Biographies of famous Businessmen,Politicians and people who shaped the world.The list includes Narayana murthy, Azim Premji, Dhirubhai Ambani, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin,to mention a few.

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