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About How Mobile Phones Work :

First things first, let us start with a flashback.

Don’t worry, it won’t take a long time, we can return for dinner, say ‘Bye’ to your mom, dad and get ready.

Just ten years back, almost all the houses had some curious looking notebooks, which they called ‘telephone book’. People used it to note down names and phone numbers of their relatives, friends in perfect alphabetical order. Whenever they want to talk to somebody, all they need to do is, refer to this book and voila! They got the required phone number! But surprisingly, now we don’t find such notebooks anymore. What happened? How can they all vanish all of a sudden?

For the past many years, technical experts are predicting that our world is shrinking. Not physically, but each one of us are becoming connected to all others, making it a global village.

As a sign of times, a tiny rectangular box called Mobile Phone, has replaced all our address books and telephone diaries. If you have a tiny mobile phone on hand, you are connected to the entire world, Whether it is the friend next door, or uncle in Singapore, or penguins in Antarctica, all you need to do is press couple of buttons and the connection is made.

In fact, mobile phone does much more than plain talking. You have a camera to take pictures of your life moments, organizers and calculators to help in everyday tasks and transactions, you can play games, listen to music, radio, video, live cricket score, reserve train tickets, pay electricity bill, check your examination score and so on. Our previous generation saw a personal computer revolution, which improved their lives to a great extend. Now mobile phones are doing the same (and much more) for this generation. Already, a smart phone can do everything that a personal computer does. Even the cheapest mobile phone can help in daily tasks of people who are not computer-aware.

Most important, Mobiles have a huge reach, you can see mobile phones even in small cities and villages. From big leaders, cinema personalities, sports stars, industrialists, to farmers, illiterate workers etc., everyone seem to be having a mobile phone (or two) in their hands, as they cost much less when compared to computers.

The fact is, most of the generation today can’t live without a mobile phone. It has become our single window to the external world and a huge life saver, almost equivalent to oxygen.

You might have seen science fiction stories, where machines take complete control of the world. When we read them, it looks like a very wild, funny imagination, to think of human beings becoming slaves of stupid machines.

But just look at what mobile phones are doing to us today. They have changed our lifestyles so much, as they determine at what time we should do what, who should talk to us and who shouldn’t - May be there is some truth in all those science fiction stories? Today, we assume a mobile phone is all we need to succeed in this world. Is there any truth in that belief? Growth of mobile phones and their impact is good for the society? Or bad? Are there any side effects which we are overlooking?

Before all that, how this mobile revolution began? Who started it and where? Modern mobile phones are so small, we take them for granted, But was it like this from the beginning? How did we arrive at this mobile generation, and where are we going from here? Answers to these questions form a fascinating story!

About N. Chokkan :

Nagasubramanian Chokkanathan (born January 17) better known by his pen name N.Chokkan is a Tamil Writer who has written two novels and nearly 100 short stories. His works has been translated into other Indian languages. Apart from this, he has written columns in several Tamil magazines. His interest for writing came from his blind aunt for whom he used to read a lot of books. His love for Books then made him to write few detective stories,which are not yet published.His first short story was published in 1997. His entry into Non-fiction area was kick started by a publishing house approaching him to write Biography of Sachin Tendulkar.He then wrote Biographies of famous Businessmen,Politicians and people who shaped the world.The list includes Narayana murthy, Azim Premji, Dhirubhai Ambani, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin,to mention a few.

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