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About How Television Works :

Have you heard the Alladin Story?

Alladin rubbed a small lamp, and out came a genie. It had power to bring anything that Alladin asked for.

Don’t you wish for one such genie in your life too? After that, all you need to do is ‘ask’, and the very next minute; genie will bring it to your hands, whatever it may be! In fact, there is one such genie in your own house. But the trick is, it can’t bring the items you are asking for, but it can show them as if they are real!

Look around; are you able to spot that genie?

Yes, I am talking about the Television. Just imagine, how many great things this little box brings to our eyes: Cartoons, Movies, Games, Songs, Natural Scenery, General Knowledge and much more.

Just ten years back, we didn’t have these many television channels. There were one or two channels maximum, and you had to watch whatever they show.

But today, the technological advancements have brought the entire world in our hands. There are hundreds of channels, different kinds of programs; all we need do is, touch the remote button in our hands!

But still, many people call television as “Idiot Box”. Why?

Is television really an idiot? Or, it is making us idiots?

To solve this mystery, we need to understand this wonder device called Television. Then you will be able to make a decision on how to make best use of this genie in our drawing room.

You watch television everyday. Now, for a change, let us ‘read’ television. Join me in this fascinating journey!

About N. Chokkan :

Nagasubramanian Chokkanathan (born January 17) better known by his pen name N.Chokkan is a Tamil Writer who has written two novels and nearly 100 short stories. His works has been translated into other Indian languages. Apart from this, he has written columns in several Tamil magazines. His interest for writing came from his blind aunt for whom he used to read a lot of books. His love for Books then made him to write few detective stories,which are not yet published.His first short story was published in 1997. His entry into Non-fiction area was kick started by a publishing house approaching him to write Biography of Sachin Tendulkar.He then wrote Biographies of famous Businessmen,Politicians and people who shaped the world.The list includes Narayana murthy, Azim Premji, Dhirubhai Ambani, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin,to mention a few.

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