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Illusions Maya (Illusions Maya)

About Illusions Maya :

Maya is the key to unlock the secret of the trio, Universe-God-Lives.

This book is an attempt to explain the role of Maya, the power that runs the lives in the universe.

If anyone understood Maya, properly, two purposes. would be served.

The first: Most human problems have its root to “Maya”. We understand Maya through the help of vedic knowledge, seen through the eyes of Science and Logic. Then, most of those worldly problems will not trouble us.

The second: Those who understand Maya, can fight Maya and win over it.

Then the winner becomes an elevated soul or men of knowledge, variously called, “saint, siddhar sufi or a Zen master”.

Men-of-knnowledge, Gnani is freed from the clutches of Maya and its weird ways of steering our lives.

After winning Maya, through a sustained effort, and acquiring the knowledge on universe, can one can reach and shake hands with the creator?

Winning Maya is not that simple.

It is not very difficult to understand what Maya is.

But it is not possible that everyone who understand Maya win Maya.

Even if one understands Maya, he becomes a Gyani.

Mere Knowledge is not enough!

Knowledge is necessary to win over the Maya. But not sufficient.

Winning Maya calls for a sustained effort.

The influence of Maya is so strong, that it would bring you back under its influence even after you understand Maya. We can find several Examples from our lives.

About N. Natarajan :

Natarajan. 70, Electronics Engineer. Served ISRO Trivandrum, Sriharikotta, Ministry of Planning, Department of Electronics CMC Ltd Corporate R&D Hyderabad, Rendezvous on Chip , Secunderabad, Sophists Technologies P Ltd Hyderabad and Robert Bosch India Limited Bangalore

Authored over 34 books and a few more in pipeline

Topics included: Moral stories for every age, Spirituality, Religion, Economics, Poverty.

Was on a spiritual journey for close to 40 years.guided by Swamy Rama of Himalayan Institute.

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