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Jain Dharma (Jain Dharma)

About Jain Dharma :

Jain Dharma is a long awaited title, one which followers of the religion have often sought in vain but who can now fully enjoy and use in their day-to-day spiritual lives. All too frequently other volumes dedicated to the study of Jainism available in libraries and bookshops are inaccessible to religious practitioners themselves, as these texts are mostly authored by scholars and designed essentially for academic use. Alternatively, other books on the religion written from the perspective of Jainism are not always found to be sufficiently comprehensive in a way that practitioners can easily digest. It is for these reasons - a necessary attempt to bridge this gap - that this present work has been constructed.

Throughout the book a sincere attempt is made at all times faithfully to disclose the essence of what Mahavir Swami taught and promulgated, with careful attention given to how he boldly and courageously paved the way for ending the suffering of all sentient beings, ensuring the emancipation of all souls. Moving away from the mainstream traditions dominant during his day in order to create a path that held no bar to any individual and indeed embraced everyone, Mahavir Swami understandably attracted many enthusiastic followers - both ascetic and lay - followers who quickly formed themselves into a distinct and vibrant community. It is also because the transformational message he preached, one which Mahavir Swami himself directly embodied, that the tradition he forged continues to have enormous appeal today, and it is this very message as well as its application that Jain Dharma celebrates. As such, the book is at once an important new resource on Jainism and essential reading for all its practitioners.

About Saman Shrutaprajna :

Saman Shrutaprajna is the Founder of Peace of Mind, Foundation in Rajkot, he is the author of more than 70 books, he travel worldwide for spreading the Massage of jain dharma, meditation and spirituality.

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