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Life Is Too Short (Life Is Too Short)

About Life is too Short :

23-year-old Amy is an MBA graduate who lives in Mumbai. Few years ago, she met Ajay at a wedding and their friendship soon turned into a strong relationship. Meanwhile, her brother’s friend, Mark, secretly admires her. Amy and Ajay are head over heels in love with each other, but there are certain pages of her life which she never wants to share with anyone. Was there a stomach-churning experience in her past that is affecting her present? Does life have a new catastrophe for her in the future as well? Will Amy be able to survive her fears and find the happiness she deserves?

About Niveditha Praveen :

Niveditha Praveen was born in south India. Currently, she is working in a software company which deals in digital and print publishing. She is passionate about reading books and writing blogs which started from her early teen age.

Niveditha Praveen lives in the dream city of Mumbai with her husband and an exceptionally adorable kid. Before she started her career, Niveditha got an engineering graduate degree in computer science from Mumbai University. Her personal interests include traveling, listening to breakbeat music and drinking plenty of coffee.

She is agnostic when it comes to God or religion and tries to find the answers to the myths that have survived over the centuries. She believes in breaking the psychological hindrances that limit a human mind and make it weak.

Life is too short is the outcome of her observation towards the society which is not always as bright as portrayed to the world.

If you want to know when Niveditha’s next book will come out, you can visit her website at https://nivedithapraveen.com/contact/ where you can get in touch with her to receive an email when she has her next release.

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