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Mind It... Realizations & Solutions (Mind It... Realizations & Solutions)

About Mind It... Realizations & Solutions :

This book is about overcoming depression, negativity, anxiety, emotional disturbances, stress and how you can make your life very simple. Mind techniques- first of it's kind, are explained and it's implementation is also explained to overcome depression, negative thoughts, anxiety, suicidal thoughts etc. The author A T RAJKUMAR has also explained how to accept things easily and explained how the life is so easy. Ultimate purpose of life, overcoming overthinking, balancing the happiness and suffering, visualizing to win, how to remember things are all explained very well in this book. Beauty of this book is the explanation of how you can overcome various day to day problems very easily.

About A.T. Rajkumar :

Civil engineer, Entrepreneur, running an engineering company for the last 25 years. Love sports , made an impact in chess, tennis ... later on realised the ultimate in life - creating a calm mind in worldly life irrespective of negativity, emotional disturbances, fear, anxiety etc. Got that mind and wants to share that benefit to everyone through books , classes , videos and training.

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