Out Of The Blue

Indira Soundarajan


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Supernatural ThrillerSupernatural Thriller
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About Out Of The Blue

"The mind seems to be a slave to our bodies. It might have the power to think and differentiate, but it is unable to influence anything that happens around it..."

Shyamala returns to Kannamangalam with her friend Raghav in the hope of finding tranquility and musical inspiration. However, she finds herself in an embroilment with an enigmatic bairagi who is haunting the village and derailing the lives of its inhabitants. The reason? He is desperately trying to acquire the flute of Krishna through her.

The village becomes a hotbed of religious debate when death and disappearance crop up unexplainedly along with a claim that Shyamala is a reincarnation of Draupadi.

Can peace and normalcy be restored in the celebrated haven of intrigue? And how? Through faith in the unseen or through rational thought and action?

About Indira Soundarajan:

Indra Soundar Rajan, (b. 13 November 1958) is the pen name of P. Soundar Rajan, a well-known Tamil author of short stories, novels, television serials, and screenplays. He lives in Madurai. He is something of an expert on South Indian Hindu traditions and mythological lore. His stories typically deal with cases of supernatural occurrence, divine intervention, reincarnation, and ghosts, and are often based on or inspired by true stories reported from various locales around the state ofTamil Nadu. Two or three of his novels are published every month in publications such as Crime Story and Today Crime News.

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