Secret of Shiva Linga

Dr. Subramonian


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About Secret of Shiva Linga

Raju and Raji were blessed with a beautiful child, Rajitha but she was born with a disease which is unknown to the medical field. Raju borrowed money and spent for her treatment which they could not repay and the money lenders started torturing them, on a weak moment, they decided to commit suicide and die together. They mixed Cyanide in an Elixir and drank it. But as that Elixir was given by a Siddha who came from Pon Uthiyur hills which is popularly known as the hill of Siddhas, it did not kill them instead it slowly started healing their daughter. So, Raju started his journey in search of that Siddha to Pon Uthiyur Hills for the elixir to cure his daughter completely.

Babu a rich merchant from the city takes his dumb and deaf daughter Bindu to that hill to receive the blessings of the Siddhas for getting her married. On the way, Pavithran, a thief with lust tried to abduct Bindu.

Raju on his way finds Bindu near a rock lying wounded. He rescues her and took her along with him. During his journey, he meets a Siddha. The Siddha offers him a piece of gold that was made through an alchemy process. Raju refuses to accept that gold and asks for the elixir to cure his daughter. The Siddha takes him along with Bindu to the place where many Siddhas-live. The Siddhas look at Bindu with lust and come close to her.

Raju thinks that the Siddhas are also acting like normal human beings with lust and hurriedly jumps down the hill with Bindu. Babu finds many Shiva Lingas which were always remaining immersed under the lake water. Will Raju get the elixir to cure his loving daughter? Is Raju’s conclusion that all Siddhas are bad true? Will any miracles happen in Bindu’s life? Read...

About Dr. Subramonian:

Dr.Subramonian, born in Kollam, Kerala is an Academician, Researcher, Cartoonist, Photographer, Film Producer, Director, Guinness World Record Holder and Writer in Malayalam and English. He has written many Dramas, Novels, Autobiography and Poems. He is in the literary field for more than 37years.

Dr. Subramonian is a highly experienced Professional Academician,Researcher, Research Consultant and Trainer since 1990 in association with renowned international and local organizations in various disciplines like Management, Mind Management, One Minute Management, Time Management, Thinking Skills-Learning etc.

He started his career as a Professor/Researcher in 1978 and continues as the Major Research Project Principal Investigator- E - Learning Expert,University Grants Commission, Government of India. Currently, Member,QCI, Government of India, he is the Director of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Research Centre, Coimbatore, India.He is the Chairman of the Board of Members for Nomination for various awards of University of Swahili,Panama.

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