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Sophie’s Journeys (Sophie’s Journeys)

About Sophie’s Journeys :

From streets where poverty is a living, tangible presence to the majestic splendour of the Taj Mahal, the contradictions and fascinations of unexpected adventures in India are vividly brought to life in this story about Sophie, the principal character from whom the book takes its name. Invited there to join an old school friend mysteriously connected to her by a peculiar English flower, Sophie experiences a land of exotic customs and breath-taking monuments. After encountering an enigmatic spiritual teacher and eventually acquiring wealth beyond her wildest dreams, she is ultimately faced with a unique opportunity to become an agent of heroic change in the struggling world of a poor, angelic housemaid.

About Graham Dwyer :

Graham Dwyer received his D.Phil. in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford for his contribution to the understanding of spirit possession and exorcism in north India. He is the author of three scholarly books and many academic articles dealing with various aspects of Indian religious traditions. He has also co-authored books on spirituality and Jain Dharma with Saman Shree Shrutpragyaji, a close friend who has been his spiritual guide and teacher for almost 30 years.

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Book Review  Saman Shree Shrutpragyaji

This is a brilliant book mostly concerned with life and travel in India. It’s description of famous places, especially the Taj Mahal, as well as city life in and around Delhi are both captivating and beautiful crafted. The book is captivating throughout, with many of its most absorbing pages focusing on Sophie’s encounters with an enigmatic spiritual teacher, a charismatic Jain monk who both imparts his spiritual wisdom to the novel’s central character and leads her on new spectacular advent

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