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The Golden Trident (The Golden Trident)

About The Golden Trident :

Vignesh, who is an outstanding student during his college days, gets a job as a Project Engineer in a popular windmill company with a high salary. On the first day of his joining, G.M Suresh assigns his HR Manager, Dileep to show him the work site. On their visit, Vignesh notices a trident fixed under a neem tree. When he asks about it to Dileep, he comes to know that the particular place is considered as sacred among the workers. Vignesh, being an atheist, makes fun of it. When he tells about this to his mother, Parvathi, she warns him not to involve in the trident matter. One day, Vignesh is stabbed on duty with the trident by a woman in a trance state. Parvathi saves Vignesh’s life with earnest prayers in front of the trident. Vignesh returns to the company and joins duty. The woman worker who lost her job pleads him to hire her again. Vignesh accepts it on the condition that the trident should be removed from its place. She, with fear and devotion, takes it from that place and fixes it outside the company. One day, the workers create a dispute and protest against the management. In the riot followed, one of the protestors pulls out the trident and throws it at Vignesh. Shivani, a training officer in the company, knowing from Parvathi that the reason for all the unfortunate events is the outcome of a curse in the family, tries to investigate on it and resolve the mystery.

About Dr. Subramonian :

Dr.Subramonian, born in Kollam, Kerala is an Academician, Researcher, Cartoonist, Photographer, Film Producer, Director, Guinness World Record Holder and Writer in Malayalam and English. He has written many Dramas, Novels, Autobiography and Poems. He is in the literary field for more than 37years.

Dr. Subramonian is a highly experienced Professional Academician,Researcher, Research Consultant and Trainer since 1990 in association with renowned international and local organizations in various disciplines like Management, Mind Management, One Minute Management, Time Management, Thinking Skills-Learning etc.

He started his career as a Professor/Researcher in 1978 and continues as the Major Research Project Principal Investigator- E - Learning Expert,University Grants Commission, Government of India. Currently, Member,QCI, Government of India, he is the Director of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Research Centre, Coimbatore, India.He is the Chairman of the Board of Members for Nomination for various awards of University of Swahili,Panama.

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