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The Moments (The Moments)

About The Moments :

The Moments through this book for welfare of people, to guide them, to help them through hard times. The Moments “enables an excellent ‘peep’ into basics of Spiritual Beliefs. Further, observation on different aspects of life such as Care for Aged Parents, respect of Mother tongue, importance of Gifts-Donations etc voices our own feelings. Indeed, the book will touch all human pulses so warmly to tread a divine path.

About Amitab Doshi :

Mr. Amitab Doshi, the creator of this wonderful e-book writes since a decade. He was encouraged by his guru, Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb to write on Life. His writing covers the wide range of people ageing 15 to 85 years. He writes in simple words about human values . The content has self experience, real life stories and day to day practical problems in life.

His first book in Gujarati was awarded with Saraswati Puraskar in Feb 2020. This was followed by many appreciations in cash and written format. This e-book is aimed to sooth people with good examples in this pandemic situation.

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Book Review  Niraj

I appreciate authors view

Book Review  Nirav Doshi


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