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The Secrets Of Awetosa (The Secrets Of Awetosa)

About The Secrets of Awetosa :

This children’s novel is a fantasy adventure of four kids. One day they happen to hear about the secret of the outhouse from Grandma. Out of curiosity, they want to test what the Grandma had said about the outhouse .In the process, they were led to a foreign land which was far away from Earth. You will enjoy the story of their escapade. What happens to them is the secret you have to explore while reading the novel.

About Ananthasairam Rangarajan :

Ananthasairam Rangarajan is a bilingual( Tamil and English) writer who has been publishing novels,short stories and articles since 1967. He has to his credit two English novels, self-improvement books and EBooks on various genres. In 1997 he was chosen for Best Teacher Award by TN Govt. All his books are available in Amazon and Pustaka Digital Media.

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