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The Train Goes On (The Train Goes On)

About The Train Goes On :

The Train goes on …. Life is a train where we get in at a point and get down at another point. But where you get in and where you get down is decided by the Supreme Power, God.

The human mind is quite unpredictable, and no one can predict when love will flow out of it or when it will spit out the fire of rage. Relationships are losing its importance day by day and man has become a slave of mechanised life. Circumstances force a person to commit a crime; and the question of whether all the convicted are convicts remains to be researched.

This book is the result of my observations around me, supplemented by vast reading of many other books by many authors.

My life experience with different types of people in this society also helped me to develop certain characters in this novel.

Narayanan the old man symbolises the fate of senior citizens in the current scenario who were ignored and ill-treated by their own family members.

Rajeev represents the unfulfilled dreams of youngsters who wish to become their dream role model even by choosing any way that they think is justifiable.

George is one of the characters which we can find in common as one among us or the one we might have come across in life, who has become a prey of destiny and their life taking unexpected turns and twists.

When these three were convicted for different reasons and meet in jail, their jail life and experience force them to take a vow that they should never come back to the jail.

The story unfolds with their life after jail, with several adventures and thrilling experiences and of course with a tint of love.

An interwoven story as a spider web narrating the life of three jail mates with a climax quite unexpected and unpredictable is waiting for you. The guard (God) has already flagged off the train with his green flag and the train has started its journey with no driver but guard (God).

About Dr. Subramonian :

Dr.Subramonian, born in Kollam, Kerala is an Academician, Researcher, Cartoonist, Photographer, Film Producer, Director, Guinness World Record Holder and Writer in Malayalam and English. He has written many Dramas, Novels, Autobiography and Poems. He is in the literary field for more than 37years.

Dr. Subramonian is a highly experienced Professional Academician,Researcher, Research Consultant and Trainer since 1990 in association with renowned international and local organizations in various disciplines like Management, Mind Management, One Minute Management, Time Management, Thinking Skills-Learning etc.

He started his career as a Professor/Researcher in 1978 and continues as the Major Research Project Principal Investigator- E - Learning Expert,University Grants Commission, Government of India. Currently, Member,QCI, Government of India, he is the Director of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Research Centre, Coimbatore, India.He is the Chairman of the Board of Members for Nomination for various awards of University of Swahili,Panama.

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