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Nanna Saalugalu - Volume 1 eBook Online

Nanna Saalugalu - Volume 1 (ನನ್ನ ಸಾಲುಗಳು - ಭಾಗ ೧)

About Lohith :

Lohith was born and brought up in bangalore. He is a B.Com. graduate and a rank holder in Bangalore University. He started to write short poems at the age of 12-13. However a meaningful content was only framed during his 2nd PUC, at the age of 18 and he continued to write from then onwards. His lines (nanna saalugalu) is not restricted to any category of poems. It covers lots of feelings like love, sentiments etc. It consist of any subject that would inspire him. Vyuha was inspired by a news report wherein a private channel allegedly reported about raiding a prostitution centre. This story is purely a fictitious and not related to any incident or anybody in person.

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