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Sri Lalitha Sahasranama (ಶ್ರೀ ಲಲಿತಾ ಸಹಸ್ರನಾಮ)

About H.S.Keshavamoorthy :

This is the profile of Yogacharya, has achieved these awards, 01. Yogacharya, 02. YogaRanta, 03. Patanjali Maharshi, 04. Karmayogi from Bangalore Citizens, 05. Tirukasri from Davangere Citizens and 4 awards from UDUPA Matts and one from Balekudru Mutt, Momentous from P U College, Kemmannu at their Golden Jublee Celebration. He published 11 books on Yoga and 4 DVD.

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Very informative book about the Lalitha sahasranamam. I will recommend everyone to buy this book and I would like share more information on Lalitha Sahasranama. Thanks.

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