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Gita (ഗീതയുടെ)

About Dr. Ashakiran Kilankaje :

Dr. Ashakiran Kilankaje is an entrepreneur in Biotechnology. He has set up Purnayu Bio Sciences a new venture in Ayurveda – Biotechnology intervention. He has doctorate degree in Biotechnology and MBA in Marketing. He has worked as a researcher in Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for past many years. He has been studying Sanskrit from childhood. He knows Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Sanskrit, Hindi and English. He has a passion of all Indian sciences such as ayurveda, astrology, veda and tantra while he is active researcher in Biotechnology. He is also an academic consultant in satellite based smart classes.

He is born in Puttur, Karnataka and grown up in Kerala for 20 years. He also lived in Coimbatore for 7 years and currently living in Bangalore.

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