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Gangapuri Kavalan Part - 2 eBook Online

Gangapuri Kavalan Part - 2 (கங்காபுரிக் காவலன் பாகம் - 2)

About Vikiraman :

Vikiraman is known more for his novels, particularly historical novels. He is perhaps the only Tamil writer who has tried his hand in almost every genre, in addition to novel and short story, drama, poetry, travelogue and essay. He has also written stories for children and books on history for the youth in simple Tamil.With more than 150 short stories in 62 years to his credit, Vikiraman continues to write fiction for Ilakkiya Peetam, which he presently edits. Although he has received many accolades including the Kalaimamani title from the Tamil Nadu Government and an award from Tamil University, Thanjavur, for his literary achievements.

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