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Iru Veedu Oru Vaasal (இரு வீடு ஒரு வாசல்)

About Iru Veedu Oru Vaasal :

An introduction

Marriage has undergone many changes in the format and contents over 10 decades. 80 years ago it was child marriage where the bride did not understand who her husband is or her neighbour’s husband is! On a later stage it turned out to be a marriage during school days. Later days saw the formal “bride seeing” ritual wherein nobody bothered about the bride’s view. Recently we hear the refusals of girls also and nowadays merely seeing each other does not satisfy boys and girls. They would like to talk each other for few minutes to understand each other!

Our Hero Ramesh has crossed all these stages and he comes out with a peculiar scheme to understand a woman fully before marriage. Ramesh does not believe in love marriage as there is no time to understand each other and it is only full of romantic thrills. He also feels that he may be disappointed in an arranged marriage if there is no like-mindedness. He will not advocate marriage among relations, as it is scientifically not advisable. He is of the opinion that he should live with a girl for atleast one month so as to understand her fully before marriage!!

Mythily the heroine of the story is full of women’s liberation ideas and has her own conditions for the would be bridegroom so as Ramesh. Mythily being a bank officer meets regularly Ramesh as her bank customer and admires certain apparent qualities in him. Ramesh also has a soft corner for her.

Broker Raju a one-time lawyer and now running ana agency for buying and selling of cattle to cars and also runs a marriage cupboard. He is a common factor between Ramesh and Mythily, however he never plays any catalyst in their falling for each other. Ramesh reduces his condition from 30 days to just 15 hours if it is going to be Mythily and boasts that he can understand and reform any girl to his liking within that short time of 6 a.m. 9 p.m.

Mythily accepts the condition as it is so thrilling and says that she can also reject a boy after living with him for a day as so many boys have rejected girls after just seeing them.

They conduct the grand rehersal as planned.

Did they really understand each other?

Did Ramesh find his Ideal Wife?

Or did he change the woman to his liking?

Did Mythily reject him?

Did they marry?

The whole thing is narrated in a very humorous way.


The original of the play was written way back in 1986 At that time it was classified as a modern futuristic humour However some of the dialogues are still relevant


About Bombay Kannan :

A theatre actor writer director for 50 years in Tamil stage Having penned over 20 dramas for TV AIR and Stage He has also acted in over 3000 stage shows A Television and AIR artiste since the 70s has and also acted in many popular TV serials A bank officer by profession took early retirement to pursue his ardent passion for theatre. He has also produced many Telefilms for the direct to home segment.

Presently producing Audiobooks of classical novels of popular writers like Ponniyin Selvan, Kadalpura, Sivagamiyin Sabatham, Parthiban Kanavu, etc. His audiobooks are unique in the making. A dramatic rendering of the novels with each character played by different artiste and includes music score and surround sound effects A magazine wrote that these are cinema without a camera These audiobooks are boon to Visually challenged people and who can not read Tamil.

The future generation are keen to listen to this and learn about our culture and history. This also helps in preserving our literary treasures.

He has a few short stories to his credit and writes Humour articles in facebook.

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