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Nenjam Irandin Sangamam (நெஞ்சம் இரண்டின் சங்கமம்)

About Sudha Sadasivam :

I am basically from Chennai, a Fine Arts graduate from Stella Maris College. Worked in various positions and settled to be a freelance web and print media designer.

Always had a great passion for Thamizh language and music. As an avid reader of all genres of Thamizh writers, it was a natural instinct to get into writing in 2012.

I have written 28 novels, multiple short stories and poetry. I maintain blogs in English and Thamizh.

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  Jayashree Sangameswaran

What a story! Absolutely amazing. Was very gripping and couldnt put the book down before finishing it! Keep up the great work Sudhaji!