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Hundred Tips To Get Top Rank (టాప్ ర్యాంక్ పొందడానికి వంద చిట్కాలు)

About Hundred Tips to Get Top Rank :

People search for the key to success, without realising that success has no doors. Only way to ‘step in’ is to work for it.

Motivators are of two types, Teachers and Preachers. Teachers tell you what they read in their books or heard somewhere. ‘Preachers’ teach you what they practiced and experienced. I still practice many of these tips while working on my scripts.

Some of these tips (like restricting the gossiping, 10-C and vice holiday techniques etc.) are tough to adopt in the early stages but, you soon feel the difference in your concentration levels, once you get acquainted.

Your family members may smile at you, watching you wearing a scarf while reading, or breathing heavily with a wet-cloth on your eyes, but don’t worry. Soon they realize your positive changes, the rising graph of your attentiveness and memory levels, and start recommending these tips to others too. Wish you all the best.

About Yandamoori Veerendranath :

Yandamoori Veerendranath, is a famous Telugu novelist. He had written many social, fiction, super natural thriller stories and novels. Hailing from Andhra Pradesh state in India, he influenced younger generations with his socially relevant writings. In his writings he addresses many of the important social problems in India like poverty, prejudices, and superstitions, and encourages people to be socially responsible. He successfully bridges the idealistic and the popular styles of literature.

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