Oogave Vuyyala

Kommuri Venugopal Rao


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About Kommuri Venugopal Rao:

Shri.Kommuri Venugopal Rao was born on 4th September, 1935 in Vijayawada. He was married to Mrs.Ahalya Devi and has 3 sons. He started writing stories at the age of 13 and written hundreds of stories. He got Sahithya Akademy Award for his novel Penkutillu at the age of 17. He wrote close to 50 novels and few of them are made into movies. His day was busy as a Doctor, and he wrote many inspirational novels in the midst of his busy schedule. His novel "House Surgeon" has given inspiration to so many doctors. Another notable novel written by him is "Oka Raktam Oka Manshilu" which explains about blood relation marriages. He was attracted to spiritual practices towards his end and he wrote a novel "Rekhi" with that inspiration.

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