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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

1.1 What is eBook?

In the simplest terms, eBook is the digital version of a book.

1.2 How to read an eBook?

eBook can be read using a device like computer, tablet or mobile phone. To read the ebook in browser, you need an active internet connection.

You can also read the book offline from our Android App. Learn more about the Android App from here.

1.3 Do I need special software or special fonts to read an eBook?

All you need is, your browser need to support Adobe Flash Player. We support online reading currently and the book opens in the browser itself.

1.4 Is there any sample books available for preview?

Yes. All the free books available can be read directly.

Click here to view all the free books.

1.5 How does the reader look?

Kindly look at the sample book to get a feel of our reader. Here is the snapshot of the reader for your convenience with few important actions you may perform in the reader.

2. Mobile App

2.1 What is Mobile App?

In the simplest terms, it is the application designed to your eBooks on mobile device. Currently Pustaka Mobile App is supported in Android only.

2.2 How to listen to an Audio book?

On successful login to Pustaka Mobile App, browse through your audio books in your library which you have rented / purchased. On selecting the Audio book, you can click on "Play" button available, to listen. You can use other controls to move back / forward between chapters.

Note: You can listen to your audio books only from Pustaka Mobile App.

2.3 Where I can download Pustaka Mobile App?

Pustaka Mobile App can be downloaded from the link below.

2.4 Is there any sample audio books available to listen?

Yes. All the audio books available includes sample audio. The same can be viewed in the audio book details page.

3. Puataka Wallet Recharge

3.1 What is Pustaka Wallet?

Pustaka Wallet is an option to load your money, which can be used later for your subscription plan purchase or audio book rental purchase.

3.2 How to recharge Pustaka Wallet?

Pustaka Wallet can be recharged by entering your preferred amount, followed by checkout / payment options as mentioned in the "how it works" page.

4. Cancellation / Refund

4.1 Can I cancel my subscription?

No. The subscription plans cannot be cancelled and no refund provided.

4.2 Can I replace / return / cancel any of my rented or purchased eBooks?

No. Once the eBook is bought or rented, it cannot be replaced / returned / canceled.

4.3 Can I cancel my rented Audio Book?

No. Once the Audio book is rented, it cannot be canceled.

5. Publish my book

5.1 I like your concept and idea. Can I publish my eBook in your portal?

Yes. As long as your book is in any of the Indian language. We wanted to provide a platform for Indian authors to explore this new technology and reach customers worldwide. We are happy to publish your books in our portal. Kindly drop a mail to admin@pustaka.co.in and will get back to you.

6.1 Are these books legal?

Yes. We have got the copyrights from authors to publish eBooks. We do not have any illegal books in our website.

6.2 Can I print/copy/save or email the book to my friends?

We request you not to do so. Cost of these eBooks are very cheaper when compared to printed books. So, we encourage you to tell your friends/relatives to buy books, so that author also gets benefited for their hard work.

6.3 What are those free ebooks?

There is a big list of books which are nationalized in India. We have published them in Pustaka, which can be accessed by clicking here. Additionally, Project Madurai is a voluntary initiative to publish free versions of Tamil literature on the internet. We have published those books as well in Pustaka in ebook format just for your convenience to read. Kindly visit Project Madurai to read other free books.

7.1 I would like to purchase the eBook / Audio book, rather than rental. How I should that?

Please write to admin@pustaka.co.in for the same.