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Android App and how to read

1. How to read books in my android app?

Start reading your favourite books is as simple as login to the app using your Pustaka credentials and tap the book you want to read from bookshelf.

2. How to buy more books?

Current version of the app does not support browsing the library and purchasing new books. Our next version will have this feature. For now, kindly go to our website http://www.pustaka.co.in to buy more books/magazines.

3. I just purchased a book through the website, but it is not showing in my app?

"Refresh" your bookshelf if your new purchase is not showing. If it is not showing after "Refresh", kindly contact us.

4. Do I require a good memory phone to install and read books/magazines?

Size of our app is small enough to fit in lower memory phones/tablets. We download the book/magazine in your local memory, so that you can read your book/magazine on the go. So, if you wish to download more books/magazines, then you need a good memory. But, our app has a nice feature which lets you remove the book/magazine from your phone memory. Just click the "x" button on the book to remove from the memory. You can choose to download it again whenever you want.

5. Can I continue to read on my desktop/laptop as I do now?

Yes! We do understand not everybody is comfortable reading with the small screen. So, we do support reading books on desktop/laptop. You login to the website, purchase a book/magazine and read it from your bookshelf.

6. I have too many books in my bookshelf. How to locate a book I want to read easily?

As a book lover, we do understand you might have loads of books/magazines in your bookshelf. You can configure your bookshelf in different ways - by Author, by Genre, by Purchase, by Rent and by Language. You can also search for a specific book/magazine through the "Search" icon.